How It Works

HelpKing is an integrated global system of aid to calls and location.

GPS From the absolute geographic position reported by the mobile GPS , the application finds the most correct service to its position . The HelpKing database has all the world's emergency phones and can map more than 10 million points of latitude and longitude.
On installing the application, the personal and medical information is registered. Therefore, in a urgency call, there is no waste of time to identify, locate, explain the problem or even take notice of history.

When browsing the registered categories, the user will select the desired type of service.
Just after the first click, a help ticket will be created to accompany him.

The categories start from Medical, Police, Fire and motor vehicles assistance.

That is, any action will start an online service.
Each selection has a severity level, deeper levels can have greater severity to the selected in the third and final level .

When the help ticket is active, the user call the suggested emergency department (according to his country or region ). Additionally, he may send additional text or images that will make up the progress of the help ticket. For the rescuer, its enough inform your help ticket code, which is unique and can be checked through site .

The help ticket will show the severity textually and visually through text background color on the corresponding help page.

The clerk will have accurate, timely information position, emergency type, caller, times and can also monitor visually on a map the user's position until help ticket is closed. Even know how many attempts to call the emergency service were made and may consider improving their service time .

HelpKing system, comprising the application for Android and iPhone, plus the related services associated with site are built on the AICS system, allowing four languages natively and several advanced features integrated into the AICS Web server.

Thus, there is no Emergency Service that can not use the, any access to the user's help tickets is free and immediate .

If the emergency services want to integrate the, they can be notified otherwise than by phone. For example, by SMS, email or even integrate its structure to Customer HelpKing by automatic calls between systems.